Helpful tips for holiday travel with a group

Holidays can be hectic: deciding what to pack, organizing transportation, and arranging accomodation can all be holiday stressors. When traveling with your friends or family, follow the tips below to ensure that you next vacation is as stress-free as possible.


Plan, plan, plan. Travel can get crazy once you’re on the road. Bring the group together before you depart to draft a tentative plan for your holiday. While you’re at it, draft a Plan B in case weather or unforeseen circumstances get in the way. Spain is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.


Search for group discounts. Loosen your travel budget by looking for group discounts for accomodation, excursions, and vehicle rentals.


Take time for yourself.
Take time for yourself.


Take private time. When you’re not used to people around you 24/7, it’s perfectly normal to get a bit overwhelmed when traveling with a group. Take a step away from the group if you need to and seek out relaxing activities.



Communication is key. Telling your travel mates about what you want to see and do will help you learn who shares your desires and can help the group organize the agenda. If problems arise, get them out in the open right away so that the issues do not weigh on the group throughout your holiday.

Fun family activities during your Spain holiday

While on holiday with family and friends, children can get restless, and sometimes the beach isn’t enough to compete with their tireless spirits. Parents, you are in luck! We are providing a list of activities that both children and the adults can enjoy together. It is like watching one of the 7 wonders of the world.


Amusement Parks are obvious entertainment options that offer kilometers of thrilling attractions. One of the notable amusement parks in Catalonia is PortAventura. This adventure park in Salou, Costa Dorada, is both a theme park and a water park, all in one. At the Costa Caribe Aquatic Park in PortAventura, you can go water rafting, slip and slide downs water slides, or spend the day lounging by the water. Its one-hour distance from Barcelona makes it an accessible day trip destination.


If you´re keen to explore other water parks to keep cool under the Spanish sun, you might consider Aquopolis Costa Dorada or Water World in Lloret de Mar. Both parks have various rides and attractions for all ages and offer ultimate refreshment during the hot summer days.


Lovers of the outdoors will enjoy Arbre Aventura Park and Gnomo Park. For children with adventurous spirits, Arbre Aventura Park has zip lines, suspension bridges, balance logs, and networks connecting between trees to challenge your athleticism. Gnomo Park is a movie-themed park set in a pine forest with obstacle courses, indoor playgrounds, and even film screenings.


For calmer days, the city of Barcelona has abundant attractions that will bring out children´s curiosity and wonderment.


The Barcelona Aquarium and the Barcelona Zoo are perfect for exploring and snapping photos with the animals. Those with a sweet tooth and imaginative spirit will delight in the Chocolate Museum. If the history of chocolate is not educational enough for you, there is also CosmoCaixa Barcelona, a hands-on science museum that features exhibits like the “Flooded Forest” and the “Room of Matter.


Regardless of what you choose to do, take advantage of this precious time with your family as you create memories that will last a lifetime!


Easter traditions in Catalonia

Easter in Catalonia is more than just a celebratory Sunday every spring. In this primarily Catholic region of Spain, the week leading up to Easter Sunday is know as ‘Semanta Santa’ (or ‘Holy Week’) and is full of events in preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The week in Barcelona is enjoyable for Christians and non-Christians alike as trees begin to bloom and the weather warms up. If you’re spending the holiday in Barcelona, consider making plans to witness one of the elaborate parades and processions throughout the region.


To satisfy your nagging sweet tooth, head to Barcelona’s Chocolate Museum to view some of the most elaborate chocolate sculptures on the planet. Guests will receive a free chocolate bar upon arrival to satiate any cravings that arise after viewing (and smelling) rooms full of chocolate.


Catalonian church
Catalonian church

Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the Sunday one week before Easter Sunday, and kicks off the beginning of Holy Week in the region. On this day, there are parades and processions all over the city of Barcelona and in other towns across Catalonia. At churches in Barcelona, priests will bless palm leaves and sometimes go outside the church to bless people who carry laurel branches. According to the Catalan saying, ‘Domingo de Ramos: al que no estrena se le caen las manos!’, or ‘Palm Sunday: If you don’t wear something new, your hands will fall off!’


Good Friday. The Friday before Easter weekend is known as Good Friday, a day when most businesses are closed. In Barcelona, parades take place in Raval and in the the Gothic Quarter.


Catalonia cathedral
Catalonia cathedral

Easter Sunday. Most restaurants and shops close, and throngs head to Barcelona Cathedral where most of the action takes place. Parades feature floats of the Virgin Mary and other biblical figures, large Easter candles, and replicas of the cross.


Easter Monday. The day after Easter is a day of rest when Catalonians enjoy their famous Easter cakes called monas. During the 40 days leading up to Easter, a period known as ‘Lent’, Catalonians abstain from meat and eggs, so on Easter, families enjoy preparing and eating their desirable cakes. If you’re not much of a baker, pastry shops all over Barcelona sell their own versions of monas.


Easter is just a few weeks away, but it’s not too late to reserve you vacation villa! Visit our website and book your villa today!

Benefits of booking your holiday with a full-service agency

When booking your family holiday accomodation, your options are limitless: travel agents, hotel packages, and discount websites abound and can potentially turn an enjoyable activity into a veritable reservation nightmare.


However, full-service villa rental agencies have entered the travel landscape and have rescued vacationers from deceitful property owners and misleading advertisements. See below for even more benefits to booking through an authorized villa rental agency.


  • Personal attention. Reserving a hotel room online is quick and convenient, but what happens when you have questions about your reservation and your only option is to send message using the ‘Contact Us’ form? At a private rental agency, there is an actual person on the other end of your phone call, as well as someone who reads and instantly responds to your e-mail requests. Instead of waiting for hotel or resort staff to weed through masses of messages, get an instant answer from the staff at an agency.


  • The right answers. Hotels and resorts have vital information on their websites, of course, but when you have a specific question about the room or the villa that you reserved, they might not always know the answer right away as they have hundreds of rooms through which to sift. Private agencies may have a large number of rentals, but you can be sure that they know their properties inside and out.



  • Continuous involvement. From the moment you send your first inquiry until the day you pack up and leave your villa, your reservations team will be there every step of the way to ensure that your vacation experience is everything your heart desires. Most agencies offer assistance with vehicle rentals, in-house catering, and organizing excursions like horseback riding and wine tastings.


Wine-tasting excursions.
Wine-tasting excursions.


  • A chance for deals. Because agencies have close relationships with the owners of the villas and properties, there is the possibility of negotiating rental prices through the agency. When making your reservation, be sure to ask about any current specials or extra services that can be compensated.

Barcelona’s can’t-miss annual events!

Spending your holiday in Barcelona in this year? Don’t miss out on these exciting events that appeal to every taste.


Although this year’s Congress has already passed, next year’s Congress plans to be bigger and better than ever. More than 93,000 attendees descended upon the event that was held at both Plaça Espanya and Montjuic. Exhibits and speakers from companies like Accenture, Lenovo, and IBM informed guests of the latest in the world of mobile communication as well as what is in store for the future. You must see these 7 wonders of the world.


The race begins and ends just below the picturesque Montjuic Park, a hillside park that overlooks the city and the Mediterranean Sea. The course takes runners past Barcelona’s most famous sights including Camp Nou (FC Barcelona’s football stadium), Gaudi’s masterpiece La Sagrada Familia, and the boardwalk of the Mediterranean beaches.

La Playa Barceloneta

On the heels of the Festival of Sant Joan is Barcelona’s Gay Pride festival that spans multiple days and features a parade, a high-heel race, parties, and concerts.


Located approximately 30 minutes outside of the city of Barcelona, the Circuit de Catalunya is abuzz during this annual event that attracts Formula 1 fans from all over the world.


Since 1994, Sonar has brought together music and technology, performed by international musicians, DJs, and other artists for an audiovisual experience like no other.


The Strokes, Tori Amos, and Damien Rice are just a few musical acts who will be appearing at this multi-day music festival in Barcelona.


The shortest night of the year is one of the most colorful and exciting in Barcelona. The ‘Nit del Foc’ (Catalan for ‘Night of Fire’)  kicks off the summer season in the Catalan capital. Residents and tourists head to the beaches where all-night fireworks light up the sky over the Mediterranean and musicians play along the boardwalk.


During this multi-day, mid-summer festival, the streets of the Barcelona neighborhood known as Gràcia fill with pedestrians who admire live music and the street decorations contest put on by local businesses. All decorations are made from recyclable materials, and the results are truly incredible!

Festa Major Gracia
Festa Major Gracia

Barcelona’s last festival of the summer kicks off a new season with more than 500 events and activities including parades, street concerts and performers, and the Fire Festival complete with fireworks and a ‘Fire Run.’

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