Check out of hotels, check into holiday homes

Vacations of the past elicit memories of reserving dingy hotels, roadside motels, and uncomfortable campgrounds. Nowadays, homeowners are opening their doors to traveling guests who are searching for all the comforts of home as they travel down unfamiliar roads. Holiday homes have turned the corner and are on the rise as the ideal vacation experience.

In recent years, the popularity of private home rentals and holiday homes has skyrocketed as social media and automatic online reservations have become commonplace. Private home rental websites offer lodging in virtually any type of home, from luxury tents to treehouses, from beachside villas to private ranches.

Spanish Home

So why should you forgo the standard hotel room and opt for your own holiday home?

First (and probably most importantly) of all, price and space are the main draws: Holiday homes can be found for 50 to 80 percent less per square meter than a hotel room, Having your own kitchen and being able to prepare your own meals will help you save money as you´ll be spending less money on expensive restaurant meals and tipping services.


Separate bedrooms and bathrooms add an element of privacy, which is often desperately needed when traveling with groups, especially with family. If you´re on an extended vacation, access to a washing machine and possibly a dryer is invaluable as you will be able to clean dirty clothes.

You can even bring an element of home with you on your holiday! Some private homeowners allow guests to bring their pets for a small additional fee.

With more than 100 villas, condos, and beach cottages to peruse, we at Catalunya Casas welcome this holiday trend with open arms.

Catalunya Casas takes out the legwork for you by specializing in hand-picked, exclusively managed family villa rentals to provide an unforgettable holiday experience in the Barcelona region.




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