A guide to renting a Barcelona vacation villa

Not a lot of tourists consider renting a vacation villa in Barcelona. They don’t realize all the benefits that include self-catering facilities, more privacy, and even lower rental fees compared with other forms of accommodation in the city. There are also some areas in Barcelona where hotels are too expensive. A holiday villa offers modern conveniences and makes you feel at home while in a foreign place. It is also quieter than any hotel in the city. And because a lot of tourists don’t know about the value of Barcelona holiday rental, it is easy to find deals.




There is high demand for hotel rooms in Barcelona. The hotel industry in the city enjoys average room occupancy between 80 and 85 percent throughout the year. Because of the high demand for hotel rooms, the rates have increased in the last couple of years. There is little land left for development in the city, which is why hotels are able to increase their room rates.

Why rent a house in Barcelona?

When you opt to stay at a holiday villa with a pool in Barcelona, you will not only save money but you also will have an easier time finding accommodation during the peak seasons when most of the hotel rooms are unavailable.

A Barcelona family villa becomes more affordable if there are three or more people in the group. The closer your group to the maximum capacity of the villa, the lower the costs will be. Instead of paying for several hotel rooms during peak season, your group will be able to rent the entire villa and share all the costs. The price of the villa depends on various factors that include location, desirability, and the quality of the villa.




You and your family or friends will have better privacy and can enjoy more quality bonding during the trip. Plus, you will get extra space, the ability to cook your own food, have a private pool, and access to other recreational areas. Making trips to the grocery store and preparing own meals will help you save money during your trip.

While a Barcelona villa doesn’t offer the same services as a hotel, home services can be arranged with the owner. And instead of joining large groups of people, you will enjoy personalized services that cater to your specific needs. Villas often have a wide range of services and amenities that that will surely meet your expectations.

The best part about renting a Barcelona holiday villa is that it is easy to find one! Visit Catalunya Casas and search for the region’s best family villas.

Barcelona’s beaches: Costa Brava vs. Costa Dorada

Most people who are visiting Barcelona for a family holiday often want to venture outside of the city but are left baffled about where to go. Two popular choices that they face include Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. For an average traveller who has not yet been to any of the two Costas, it is hard to make a decision. Below, learn more about their differences and similarities which should help you reach a well-informed decision.


Comparing the Two


Location is one of the most important factors that can differentiate the two. Costa Dorada is only 15 minutes from the Reus airport, which makes it excellent in terms of accessibility. Costa Brava, on the other hand, is not as easy to reach. If you need to take travel time into consideration, you can weight these two factors.


Each of the beaches at both destinations on the coast of Spain each has a different attitude, depending on the area where you are headed on your family holiday. The beaches of Costa Dorada, however, are more often preferred by tourists as they are more spacious, and they have finer sands and clearer water. In Costa Brava, on the other hand, most of the beaches are rocky and surrounded by stone cliffs.




When it comes to coastal activities, Costa Dorada is believed by many to be the better choice. It offers more attractions, including theme parks such as Universal Studios, Aqua Leon, and Aquopolis. Other interesting places to check out in Costa Dorada include Tarragona, Sitges, and Delta del Obro. In Costa Brava, on the other hand, tourists flock to Mareseme, Girona, and La Selva during a Spain holiday.


In Costa Dorada, there are more new property developments than what can be seen in Costa Brava. This means that you can expect having a more diverse selection of accommodations in Costa Dorada. When selecting your holiday villa for your family, you may want to discuss your vacation preferences with your family.




If you love wine, Costa Dorada is a destination that is highly recommended. Here, there are five regions that are certified for wine making. Every year there are different festivals that are held to showcase local wines. In Costa Brava, on the other hand, there are regular festivals that showcase their local cuisine.


At the end of the day, choosing which one is better between Costa Brava and Costa Dorada will be a decision that is subjective. It all depends on your personal preferences, including how much time you have during your travel. The more important thing is to have an open mind and remember that you are on your vacation. Regardless of where you go, you can craft memories that will last forever.


Barcelona’s top 9 attractions for children

A family vacation is different from an individual or couple’s vacation because you have to consider the children. When you are planning a Spain family vacation with children tagging along, you should consider their safety and preferences, as well as a favorable climate for them to enjoy. Barcelona meets the criteria for an ideal family holiday destination.


The Barcelona Zoo


Visiting the zoo during your family holiday in Barcelona will ignite excitement in the younger children and amusement in older children. You can visit the zoo inside the Parc de la Ciutadella. The most exciting thing about the zoo is the occasional dolphin shows. It is like the 7th wonder of the world. Adjacent to the zoo is a lake where you can rent paddle boats and enjoy the surrounding nature.


CosmoCaixa Science Museum


CosmoCaixa Science Museum is one of the best science museums in Europe where children can enjoy the Amazonian rainforest with different bird species, crocodiles, and piranhas. They can also learn about rocks and other exciting science experiments.




The Beach


A Barcelona holiday is not complete without a trip to one of the region’s stunning beaches.  Rent a few chairs and parasols and bask under the sun while building sand castles and swimming in the refreshing Mediterranean Sea.


Parc Güell


Parc Güell is home to some of Barcelona’s best views of the city and water amidst unique architecture of the park. Children can learn more about the park from history lessons and play among the architectural fixtures.




The Chocolate Museum (Museu de la Xocolata)


Located in a historic monastery in the Born neighborhood, the Chocolate Museum explains the history of the decadent dessert and offers the chance to purchase some treats to take home with you to your vacation villa.


Mercat de la Boqueria


At this famous market near La Rambla, you can buy fresh fruit, Spanish tapas, and ham with the chance to sample food before you buy it. After hours of sightseeing, this is the right place to refresh and fill your hungry bellies.


La Rambla


This is a magnificent walkway, and it is one of the most famous walkways in the world. You can start at the beach and walk up to Plaça Catalunya.




Approximately 1 hour outside of Barcelona, take the train to these fascinating mountains and enjoy caves, hiking trails, and views all the way to the Mediterranean and Girona!


Museum of Ideas and Inventions


Allow your children’s creativity to be stimulated on your Barcelona holiday by visiting this museum full of inspirational designs and inventions.




Top 9 reasons to rent a villa in Spain

Spain is an incredible destination to visit for a family holiday and is also an excellent place to live. The Mediterranean climate makes Spain one of the most temperate and comfortable places in the world, making it the perfect locale to rent a family vacation villa.


Perfect Weather


Spain is one of the world’s best holiday destinations thanks to its moderate year-round climate. Some places, for instance, southern Blanca, experience warm temperatures and up to 320 days of sunshine.




Standard of Living


The cost of living in Spain is relatively low, as compared to other countries like the United Kingdom. You can rent a holiday family villa at a reasonable price while also enjoying an active social life.


Cost of Living


It is possible to live and own a property in Spain. When you rent a villa, you can use the chance to explore the real estate market. Further, you will enjoy cheaper electricity and food, making a vacation villa an option if you’re looking to save money on your next holiday.


Warm Hosts


When on holiday in Spain, you will enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the Spaniards. Renting a vacation villa in Spain will allow you to blend into the relaxed lifestyle of the Spanish people and enjoy their accommodative and welcoming nature.





Spain is one of countries in Europe that has a growing property value. The country has a strong economy, and you can save on cost by renting a villa when you are here on business or on vacation.




Health Advantages


Spain is arguably the best place to be because the environment agrees with people who suffer from asthma, arthritis and other ailments. In addition, Spain has a fast and easily accessible medical care.


Value for Your Money


When you rent a villa in Spain, you definitely get good value for your money. You will find exceptional furnished family villas at reasonable prices. The Spain villas are readily available, and they are a perfect alternative to the hotels.


Easily Reachable


You can reach Spain effortlessly because there are international airports that offer low-cost flights to various parts of Europe and United States. Once you have settled in your rental villa, you can travel through the region with ease.


Easy Purchase


If you rent a villa in Spain, you will experience the rich nature and the value of property in the country. You will learn that owning property in Spain is not very involved and that you can invest in the growing industry while capturing a piece of the Spanish spirit.

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