Popular Barcelona bike routes

Barcelona is a city filled with sights and scenes in which to marvel. Tourists who visit this incredible city have the opportunity to view various attractions from the seat of a bicycle, combining some cardio while enjoying the refreshing outdoor air.


The city center of Barcelona is a busy environment but the outskirts are much quieter and more peaceful. The fact that the city lies close to the beach makes its quite flat and, therefore, easy for bicyclists. For cyclists looking for a challenge, Barcelona bike tours that are organized further inland are ideal getaways from the city bustle. Below are some of the main Barcelona cycling routes tourists can take while on holiday in the city.


Penedes Wine Region


When choosing a cycling route, it is important for cyclists to consider the difficulty involved. One of the most popular routes for Barcelona bike tours takes cyclists through the infamous Penedes wine region, where the refreshing air and impressive landscapes are worth the energy. The route is challenging, especially the stretch to Sitges and uphill to Las Colinas. However, the journey back to Barcelona is a fast and technical descent. This route tends to be highly popular especially on the weekends. For avid cyclists, this is definitely one of the must-try cycle routes.






For cyclists looking to get closer to nature and experience a side of Barcelona that is rarely featured in popular guidebooks, Collserola Park offers some amazing cycling trails. As one of the popular routes for Barcelona bike tours, cyclists can expect to ride along trails surrounded by enchanting plant life. The trail also offers cyclists the opportunity to get different views of the city while cycling. This route is a road surface that runs 12.7 miles long and is definitely one of the best routes given the exposure to nature and amazing sights.




La Conreria-Sant Mateu-Cellecs


Other popular Barcelona bike routes take cyclists north of the city where they can experience varying terrain and face a tougher challenge. This route takes cyclists north of the city and then back again. The first stretch of the route is quite challenging but it eases up after taking cyclists to Villa Olimpica. Be on the lookout for some Tour de France athletes training around this area.


Total Barcelona


Tourists can also get a comprehensive view of the city by taking part in the Total Barcelona bike tours. This is definitely one of the most challenging but popular routes in the city. It takes cyclists through a variety of locations and is definitely not for the faint of heart. The route is 66 miles long and is mainly composed of a road surface.






Spanish wines and the lure of Mediterranean orchards

Having an inimitable character in a story line can be a challenge, but once you have a grip on the right slant, you can go on and on. After succeeding in a plot around Spanish wines, I was awed by the huge reputation it enjoys and the nonquantifiable gift that nature has bestowed with the favorable Mediterranean weather.


I could not but gush and feel cheated that some people live all their lives in such an environment that promises a 24/7 holiday scenery while the rest of us are harassed by a mix of extreme winters and haunted by the fading autumn.


article-2358288-1AB74CAA000005DC-6_634x391 (1)


It is a rare delight to see the process that goes into the production of Spanish wines: from the orchards where the wine trees are grown to the winery that presses out the vintage taste. Here, you come face to face with the enterprise that has such legendary reputation. Planning a month-long vacation around the orchards of Catalonia gave me a unique opportunity to observe how the orchards are kept and maintained.


I could see the farms through the eyes of my slowly but firmly developing lead character that I have pictured as San Pedro and his wife, Serita. I could see tourists who have on their schedule, wine tasting routines that showed their love for Spanish wines, and the lure of the countryside with its romantic slant. I could imagine San Pedro and his wife enjoying their honeymoon on the fringe of the orchards, where a castle stood in regal fashion.




The flowing streams found at the mountain range around the Catalan region formed a building block of the early life of San Pedro‘s family. Escaping to the streams was a sort of ritual that they could not do without every day as the evening sets in. You can appreciate the mix of Spanish wines, flowing streams and an orchard in one package. This should not sound like a fairy tale, as many tourists who troop to this lovely terrain, have more than an experience that they can relive.


Making an escape to Catalan orchards part of your yearly vacation, will not be just a refreshing routine but a rejuvenating experience that gives you the closest short to experience nature. All of this in an untainted ecosystem that offers everyone, some reprieve from the stress of daily life. At eventide, Spanish wines are there to enjoy, from vintage secrets to fresh brews, the range of options is more than salivating to tourists that find a second home around here.


People can always have what they desire if they take time to plan and prepare for it. Your Catalan escape will be no different from this if you make your bookings and get your budget ready for that experience of a lifetime.



Plan an escape to the Barcelona countryside

The Barcelona countryside across Girona and Costa Brava is idea terrain for people looking  to enjoy a peaceful vacation to unwind, rejuvenate, and return from their holidays full of life.

You can draw up your itinerary on your own or decide to engage a tour operator for your journey. Be rest assured that no what option you decide on, the idyllic setting of Spanish landscape will ensure that you are feted and pampered during your stay.





Hiking Routes

If you lodge at any of the magnificent countryside castles of villas available from Catalunya Casas, you are sure to enjoy the best of Catalan hospitality and scenery. Hiking routes are great in both the spring and fall season. The entire countryside sits across a sprawling landscape that is a wonder to behold. The peace and tranquility you experience here will take your mind away from the pressures of daily life and office routines.

A city hike is also possible: Take a stress-free walk through the historic neighborhoods with hundreds of years of history still present. Other hiking routes include treks through vineyards, farms of olive trees, poppy fields, and a host of others that surround the quaint villages.


Girona and Costa Brava


Girona and Costa Brava offer an escape from the maddening activities of the Barcelona city center. Gorgeous coastal lines, orchards, olive groves, fishing villages, farms, and vineyards hold the key to the legendary culinary delights that emanate from the Catalan and Barcelona countryside.




Whether you decide to hire a car around Girona or rent a bicycle to tackle the hills, the landscape is one to be treasured.

A Guided Tour of the Barcelona Countryside

If you opt for a guided tour during your vacation, you can relax knowing that someone else will be leading you through the unknown territory. If you are traveling alone or coming with family, enjoy the company that comes with a guided tour and share stories of the picturesque sights that you see.

What NOT to do while on vacation in Barcelona

Barcelona is an enjoyable and popular holiday destination, but that does not mean it does not have a few flaws, one of which is the Catalonian´s capacity to become extremely crowded. Therefore, when you arrive in Barcelona, it is important to keep the following travel advice in mind.


DON´T confuse Barcelona-El Prat with Barcelona Girona and Barcelona Reus


You will start your holiday on a bad foot is you confuse Girona and Reus Airports with Barcelona-El Prat. The aforementioned hubs are miles away from Barcelona, so if you book a flight and end up in either of these cities, you will have to endure a lengthy bus ride to Barcelona. When booking your Barcelona vacation rental, make sure you are reserving your accommodation in the region you desire. Catalunya Casas offers properties in Girona, Costa Brava, Barcelona, and Costa Dorada.





DON´T go to the nearest beach

Barceloneta is the nearest beach in Barcelona. If you can, take a train ride and visit other beaches far from the city. Some of the immediate beaches in Barcelona proper can be exceedingly crowded, especially during the summer months. The further you move from the city, the better the coastal experience. If you want to lay on sandy beaches or take a stroll on the soft sand, try Ocata or St Pol de Mar.





DO be aware of pickpockets

The city has a fair share of pickpockets, who might invent creative ways of grabbing your attention. When you stroll the busy streets, especially La Rambla, stay alert of your surroundings and your belongings. Some thieves will approach you in pretense of showing you around or purporting to show you football moves. When a stranger approaches you to show you something, decline politely and keep an eye on their movements.


DO avoid dressing like a tourist


Dressing like a tourist will make you stand out like a sore thumb. For instance, walking around in a sombrero that attracts unnecessary attention will only make you susceptible to petty thieves and rip-off deals. Dress sensibly, as you would at home, and try to blend in with the locals.

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