Soak up Spain´s superb climate

Basking in the the sunny weather of Spain is what many tourists dream about when conjuring up images of their next holiday. The climate in Catalonia is highly favorable regardless of the time of year. The predictable and dependable forecasts change very minimally from day to day, making packing and planning as easy as deciding to visit!




Why Barcelona?

The capital of Catalonia it is located at sea level with stretches of beaches along the Mediterranean Sea. The effect of the cool and warm breezes coming from the sea balances the extreme summer heat as well as the cooler winter air in the city. Therefore, both seasons are void of the unbearably hot or uncomfortably cold temperatures found in other locales.

Although the summer may increase the levels of humidity in the region, rising to nearly 70%, the cool sea breeze can assuage that moisture in the air, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without the thick layer of humidity.


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The best time to visit Barcelona is during the fall season as there is a pleasant combination of both warm and cool temperatures, and the tourists have all retreated to their home countries. Catalonia´s climate also varies from the sea to the mountains. If the city is getting to hot and stuffy for your liking, hop in a train or car and make your way a few hundred or thousand meters up to the cooler mountain air.

Whether you´re a ski bunny who loves the slopes or a beach bum who can´t get enough of the sunshine and hot sand, the region of Catalonia has a climate for everyone.

Hike Catalonia: Explore Barcelona on foot

Barcelona is a graceful city filled with wonderful sights for all your senses. From the friendly faces to the enchanting architecture, exploring the city and the surrounding regions amounts to an enjoyable tourist experience.

To properly experience what the region of Catalonia is all about, explore the area on foot along popular Barcelona hiking trails. Getting out of your vacation villa and taking one of the numerous walking or hiking trails around the region will not only help you burn some calories while on holiday, but also contributes to your understanding of the natural and cultural aspects of Catalonia.


Alternative Transport


Barcelona is a big and expansive city, but it is still possible for tourists to reach most attractions on foot. Exploring the city on foot via popular Barcelona hiking trails allows tourists to stop and admire the rich architecture and views from outside the city looking in. For those with limited availability, there are alternative transportation options including the metro, taxis, trams and buses. Take a funicular to the top of Montserrat for spectacular views as well as hiking trails for a variety of athletic abilities.




Hire a Tour Guide


To ensure that you do not miss out on any of Catalonia´s famous tourist attractions, consider reserving a place in a walking tour or hire your own guide. With the help of a guide, especially a local guide, you can be sure that you will not miss any attractions along the Barcelona hiking trails. Some tour operators even offer themed walking tours that focus on specific attractions that surround the city. Sample tours include horseback tours, winery tours, cava tours, and nature-specific tours.



Venture Further Inland


Some of the best Barcelona hiking trails are found further inland just outside the city. Catalonia is famous for its varied landscape that provides seasoned hikers with formidable challenges. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the city from high elevation areas just outside the city. From atop these summits, hikers will find hidden religious monuments as well as the best views of the Catalan region.



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