The best-kept secrets of Barcelona’s beaches

A holiday in Barcelona is a dream for many, with some of the highest-ranked beaches in Europe and countless historical and heritage spots to visit. The beach, of course, is a great attraction for anyone who is visiting the region. However, during the summer months the central Barcelona beach is likely to be overcrowded with people, leaving very little free space. Thankfully, there are some secret beach spots just south of Barcelona that are perfect for the leisurely beach holiday that you wish to enjoy in the Catalonia style.


A lesser known spot
Instead of heading south to the popular beach of Sitges where there is more of a commercial approach with trendy restaurants and bars, head to the calm Cubelles Beach. Not only is the area less crowded but it also is the perfect place to enjoy a seaside holiday experience. The undulating golden sands of the beach extend for more than 500 meters giving you ample space to enjoy the cool breeze while basking in the sun. The beach is also clean and well-kept with litter bins and toilets located strategically. There is also complete security to ensure the safety of the few tourists who travel and lodge there.

Sea and Spanish gourmet
Cap off your visit to a Catalonia beach with an invigorating meal of the classic paella. Local chefs at scarce family-run restaurants prepare paella and tapas, sometimes even over an open fire on the beach. Start your day with a refreshing dip in the water followed by a visit to the bar to enjoy the beer and some tapas to whet your appetite. When heavy hunger approaches, fill up on platters of paella, mixed with seafood, vegetables, and other meat.




A quiet holiday experience
Reserving a holiday villa is another way to get away from the crowded beach towns where hordes of visitors flock to the sands on a daily basis. A villa gives you an element of privacy that is unmatched if booking a hotel or holiday condo. With your own private pool, private kitchen, and unshared walls, you can make yourself at home in your vacation villa.

A guide to renting a Barcelona vacation villa

Not many tourists consider renting a vacation villa in or on the outskirts of the city of Barcelona. Many travelers also are not aware of the benefits of renting a family vacation villa including self-catering facilities, more privacy, and even lower rental fees compared with other types of accommodation in the city. A holiday villa offers modern conveniences with a cozy, quiet home feel, as though you are vacationing in your home yet transported to the exciting region of Catalonia! And because so many travelers don’t know the value of a Barcelona holiday rental, it is easier than ever to find deals!

There is high demand for hotel rooms in Barcelona, and the hotel industry in the city enjoys an average room occupancy between 80 percent and 85 percent throughout the year. Because of the high demand for hotel rooms, the rates have increased in recent years. There is little land left for development in the city, which is why hotels are able to increase their room rates.

Why rent a house in Barcelona?

When you opt to stay at a holiday villa with a private pool in our just outside Barcelona, you will not only save money but you also will have an easier time finding accommodation during the peak season when most hotels rooms have already been booked for months.




A Barcelona family villa becomes more affordable if there are more people in the group. Instead of paying for several hotel rooms to accommodate your entire group, you can rent an entire villa and cut the costs tremendously. The price of the villa depends on various factors including location, amenities, and size of the pool and garden.

In your vacation villa, enjoy more privacy and more quality bonding time with your loved ones. Also take advantage of extra space, the ability to cook your own food, swim in your private pool, and relax in other recreational areas. Doing your own grocery shopping and preparing own meals will help you save money and ensure that you are consuming ingredients of the highest quality.




While a Barcelona villa may not offer the same direct services that a hotel can offer, specific services can be arranged with Catalunya Casas, including private catering, extra cleaning, and even flamenco and cooking classes. And instead of joining large groups of people, you will enjoy personalized services that cater to your specific needs.

The best thing about renting a Barcelona holiday villa is that it is easy to find one! Visit Catalunya Casas to start your search for your perfect holiday home.

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