The Ultimate Ibiza Detox

Sometimes all that is needed is to give your body the cleanse that it deserves to make you feel more alive, and what better place to have the intimate detox than the sunny, happy island of Ibiza. Why not book one of our villas with a pool in Ibiza and it won’t be long before you start to feel like your best self.

The first step is to stock up on a collection of fresh fruit and vegetables. No matter what town your Ibiza villa rental is in, you are likely to find a local market nearby selling the freshest of produce. Alternatively visit Can Musson, a family run farm where you can not only purchase fruit and veg but also homemade cakes and tea and coffee. If you can’t wait for a market, there are many ecological supermarkets in Ibiza.


Yoga is of abundance in Ibiza, and chances are you will be able to join in one of the free classes that are available. If you don’t mind splashing out a bit, there are some companies that run yoga classes on the beach in the morning, followed by a healthy, hearty breakfast.

Why not spend an afternoon out in the open air for an Ibiza walking tour. The majority of these tours are free, but rely on your donations to continue running. This is a great way to see the many sights of the island while still staying active and energised.

Hire accommodation in Ibiza near to the port of San Miguel and hire a kayak for an hour. Feel free to explore the shallow waters at your leisure and then relax on the beach. You can use the sand to exfoliate your feet and hands to get the smoothest skin around. If you want professional exfoliation, then there are plenty of spas in various towns that provide a range of treatments and leave you in ultimate relaxation.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like going out, you can make use of your Ibiza holiday rental by soaking up the sun and enjoying fresh fruit, smoothies and salads.



The Best Loved Cake Shops in Barcelona

We all love a delicious slice of chocolate gateaux or a decadent macaron but Spain isn’t often known for its cakes, preferring to lead the way with tapas, seafood and cava. However, unbeknownst to many, Barcelona is actually a cake haven…here are a few of the best pastelerias you can explore from your Barcelona accommodation.

La Patisseria Barcelona

Vibrant, decadent cakes and pastries are the order of the day at La Patisseria. From the refreshing Llimona tart to a thousand layers with chocolate (mil fulls xocolata) expect to be here a while… You can also take away cakes and pastries to dine on in the comfort of your family villa in Spain.

Bubo Degustacions

Bubo is a group of bakeries and pastelerias dotted throughout Barcelona city centre. You can pre-order for parties and special occasions or simply dine in. The variety of bombons, macarons, pastries, petit fours and cakes are incredible – you will be spoiled for choice. Sip on coffee, take a slice and stay a while.



Cosmo is a café and space for contemporary artwork in Barcelona. Their carrot cake and hot chocolate with whipped cream are firm favourites of the locals.




Hoffman Patisseria

Close to Santa Maria del Mar church in the El Born district sits the quirky Hoffman Patisseria. Take away all of your favourites from here including crunchy tiramisu, delicious brioche, chocolate and vanilla cookies, decadent black forest gateau and much more.


Forn Baluard

If you seek some of the best bread, pies and pastries in the city then this is the place to be. Try their sourdough or even their dark chocolate and strawberry flavoured bread!

Takashi Ochiai

For something a little different, how about trying some sweet Japanese treats in Barcelona? With a menu of exclusive and traditional creations you can sample such decadent delights as Yokan Bambu which is a combination of green tea, sugar and sweet red bean paste or pasta filo pastry with cream and cherry cream glaze!

Coffee and cake is as popular in Barcelona as it is in France or Switzerland, it’s just a case of finding the best place for you. Hopefully this list will help you find a perfect bakery or pasteleria close to your Barcelona holiday rental.


The Best Kept Secrets Of Barcelona Beach Places

A holiday in Barcelona is a dream for many and why not with one of the highest ranked beaches in Europe and umpteen historical and heritage spots to visit. The beach, of course, is a great attraction to anyone visiting the city. However, during the summer months, the central Barcelona beach is likely to be overcrowded with people everywhere and not much free space. There are of course some secret beach spots little down south that are perfect for the leisurely beach holiday that you wish to enjoy in the Catalonia style.

A lesser known spot

Instead of heading southwest to the popular Sitges beach that too has more of a commercial approach with trendy restaurants and bars and ample people walking around the beach, head to the still calm Cubelles Beach. Not only is the place less crowded, but it is the perfect place to enjoy a seaside holiday experience. The undulating golden sands of the beach extend for more than five hundred meters giving you ample space to enjoy the cool breeze while basking in the sun. The beach is also clean and well-kept with litter bins and toilets located strategically. There is also complete security to ensure the safety of the few tourists going there.

Sea and Spanish gourmet

When on a Catalonian beach, you cannot miss enjoying a gourmet native Paella meal. You are likely to find the lone family run restaurant that prepares Tapas and cooks the Paella on woodfire literally on the beach. The entire experience of enjoying the sunshine and the Spanish cuisine is sure to fulfill your experience in Barcelona. Arriving there in the morning, you can proceed to enjoy the sea and come to the bar to enjoy the beer and some Tapas as you whet your appetite. When hungry move on to enjoy the family made Tapas and gratify yourself.

The quiet holiday experience

Since this kind of an establishment is not a commercial one, you will have to inform them a day in advance of your visiting plan. Since the Tapas and Paella have to be prepared for the requisite number of guests, they will have to keep the ingredients ready. The Paella is best enjoyed in the true Spanish style when made from the fresh sea catch and served piping hot. The Catalonian way of enjoying the Paella is with the salad. Enjoying the meal in the quiet of the place with only the sea and the sand as acompanion will be truly fulfilling to the few that actually drive down to this beach spot located in the Avinguda Prat Cubelles.


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