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4 of the Most Interesting Museums in Costa Dorada

You have your beautiful vacation rental in Costa Dorada. You already know you love the city, but what about its history? Here are four of the most interesting museums in Costa Dorada that will help you understand the city and its culture so that you’ll enjoy your stay even more!
1. Gaudi Centre Reus

One of the most famous artists to come out of Costa Dorada is Gaudí. This museum showcases his life and artwork using audiovisual technology and interactive displays. Go on a guided tour or on your own with an audio guide. Learn all about the amazing genius of Gaudí, the period when he lived, his inspiration for his work, and so much more. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the amazing artwork and architecture that you’ll find in this museum.
2. Museu Nacional Arqueologic de Tarragona

If you want to learn about the history of Tarragona and the Romans that once lived there, you’ll want to check out the Museu Nacional Arqueologic de Tarragona. Make sure you purchase the combined ticket, so you can view all four parts of this amazing museum. You’ll find Roman artifacts, view objects that were once part of the local’s everyday life, and beautiful Roman mosaics. There is so much to see you’ll be glad you visited!

3. Pau Casals Museum

Small but beautiful, the Pau Casals Museum is right on the beach, so it has a perfect view. The architecture is a mixture of Mediterranean and Spanish with stunning colors and lovely foliage. You can view outdoor concerts from time-to-time, inside you can see educational and historical presentations that show you the history of the place and the area. You’ll also find amazing sculptures, a lovely garden, paintings, historical documents and more. You are certain to enjoy your visit and there are a lot of photo opportunities of which to take advantage!

4. Early Christian Necropolis and Museum

The early Christian necropolis of Tarragona is a late Roman funerary complex used between the middle of the 3rd and the 5th centuries AD. It was discovered in 1923 when the foundations for the new tobacco factory were being laid. The cemetery has 2,051 tombs in a wide diversity of styles, making it the most important early Christian necropolis in the Western Mediterranean. The site is managed by the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona and is part of the Roman Tarraco archaeological complex declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

4 Beaches to Visit in Costa Dorada

If you want to hang out outdoors in Costa Dorada, there are certainly plenty of places to do it. Of course, if you’ve rented a private villa with a pool, you’ll want to spend time there. But if you want a change of pace, check out these four beaches!

1. Llevant Beach

This gorgeous beach is near Salou and has beautiful sand, gorgeous water, and a stunning view of the city. Go swimming, get a floating device (some look like giant inflatable slides or water rides), or find a place for boating, diving, and snorkeling. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and nightclubs nearby if you get hungry or want a little more amusement when you’re done with the beach. This beach is perfect for families of all shapes and sizes.

2. Llarga Beach

At the top of Salou is another amazing beach, this one a little more isolated and not as crowded because it is further from the city. They have a beach bar, a banana boat, plenty of sun loungers, and beautiful surf and sand. You can admire the view of both the ocean, the tropical vegetation, and the rock formations around you as you relax in the sun.

3. Playa de la Pineda

A quiet resort beach, Playa de la Pineda is most well-known for the giant plastic plant sculptures nearby. This area is great if you want to get away from the crowds and sunbathe in peace and quiet. The area is surrounded by trees, the water is warm and wonderful, the sand is perfect, and the view is stunning. There are still plenty of restaurants and shops around if you get peckish or just want to get out of the sun.

4. Capellans Beach

Busy yet clean, the Capellans Beach is surrounded by resorts and hotels, so you’re certain to have company at all times. The view is amazing though, part tropical island, part city, all beautiful. You’ll find plenty of sun loungers, some in the sun, some under umbrellas, and some under awnings. There are several restaurants, shops, and nightclubs nearby if you want some extra fun. And, of course, this beach offers a lot of watersports that you can check out if you’re tired of sunbathing or just swimming in the gorgeous waters.
Did you get a sunburn? Hopefully not! Either way, we’re certain you had a great time! Now you can head back to your vacation rental in Costa Dorada to think about what an awesome time you had and maybe plan what you’re going to do tomorrow.

More than a holiday home: Private home rentals for your corporate needs

Renting a home for your family holiday is a growing trend as the evidentiary benefits of private rentals outweigh cumbersome and expensive hotel stays. However, another reason for renting private homes is swiftly gaining popularity: corporate long-term stays.

Corporate extended-stay rentals are on the rise as companies learn about the advantages of cheaper and more convenient lodging options for their staff events or relocating employees.


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Corporate housing allows you to feel more comfortable during your retreats with the options to prepare your own home-cooked meals, save money on dining out at expensive restaurants, and even bring along the family if the stay needs to be extended.

Rather than crowd into one room with your colleagues, spread out into separate bedrooms—maybe even with your own bathroom!—for privacy if you have pressing assignments.

Avoiding large hotel chains takes away the stress of booking and organizing, dealing with impersonal staff who are responsible for thousands of reservations, and having to rely on predetermined times to enjoy your morning coffee or room service. Instead, receive personal and friendly communication from your corporate housing rental agent and work at your own pace with snack and coffee breaks at your leisure.




The remoteness of some of these private homes ensures that you will really get to know the town your are visiting. Hotels like to be located in the middle of tourist heaven, but home stays can put you up close and personal with the real local scene. You’ll have the opportunity to learn what everyday life would be like if you plan to relocate in the future. You may even make some local friends who can help you learn the language or show you the town’s best restaurants!

The next time you’re in charge of reserving housing for your business conference in or near Barcelona, Spain, or if you’re looking for temporary housing while transitioning to a new career, consider contacting Catalunya Casas for an out-of-town stay that feels just like home.

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