About Catalonia & the Balearics – Menorca

Menorca is the northernmost of the Balearic Islands and is often thought of as the most tranquil; however, despite this reputation it has something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for a more active holiday or desire something more peaceful.

Miles of golden beaches surround its shores, and many of the towns feature magnificent architecture and harbours.

The variety of leisure available on the island makes it the perfect location for a Menorca holiday rental in which to enjoy a relaxing yet exciting vacation in the Mediterranean.

The island itself is a designated biosphere, meaning that it it’s a protected environment, allowing plants and birdlife to flourish. Menorca is home to approximately 46 sandy beaches, so whether you’re seeking miles of unspoilt sands or small, deserted coves, you will find the perfect fit.

The fine nature of the sand makes the beaches popular as holiday destinations, and coupled with top-notch beach, beautiful scenery, sporting activities, and an impressive collection of bars and restaurants along the coastline, Menorca’s beaches retain their allure year after year.

The island’s capital is Mahon, a city that is worth at least a day trip from your villa rental. Many of the city’s buildings date to the period of British occupation, including the Town Hall, the Church of San Francisco, and the Church of Santa Maria. Mahon is easy to explore on foot with opportunities to pop into bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops. For a different perspective, take a boat trip around the harbour and view Mahon from the sea.On the opposite side of the island is Ciutadella, Menorca’s former capital, which again is also home to some spectacular architecture including a 14th-century cathedral and several palaces.

As far as outdoor activities are concerned, Menorca offers a plethora of landscapes for all sorts of action such as tennis, golf, diving, horse riding, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, and much more. Cycling is also a very popular activity, with many routes to follow through the paths of varying difficulty.Among the extensive menu of things to do and see on the island, one of the most popular activities involves relaxing on a beach or around a pool at your vacation rental in Menorca. Some of the most popular beaches can be found at Cala Turqueta, on the southern side of the island, where beaches are nestled between seaside cliffs, or Cala Macarella, one of the island’s most famous bays.

Fresh seafood is plentiful thanks to the proximity to the sea, with the majority of restaurants selling fresh squid, mussels, sea bass, and prawns. For a taste of real Menorcan cuisine, try the island’s signature dish of caldereta de llagosta, a flavour-filled lobster stew.