A guide to renting a Barcelona vacation villa

Not a lot of tourists consider renting a vacation villa in Barcelona. They don’t realize all the benefits that include self-catering facilities, more privacy, and even lower rental fees compared with other forms of accommodation in the city. There are also some areas in Barcelona where hotels are too expensive. A holiday villa offers modern conveniences and makes you feel at home while in a foreign place. It is also quieter than any hotel in the city. And because a lot of tourists don’t know about the value of Barcelona holiday rental, it is easy to find deals.




There is high demand for hotel rooms in Barcelona. The hotel industry in the city enjoys average room occupancy between 80 and 85 percent throughout the year. Because of the high demand for hotel rooms, the rates have increased in the last couple of years. There is little land left for development in the city, which is why hotels are able to increase their room rates.

Why rent a house in Barcelona?

When you opt to stay at a holiday villa with a pool in Barcelona, you will not only save money but you also will have an easier time finding accommodation during the peak seasons when most of the hotel rooms are unavailable.

A Barcelona family villa becomes more affordable if there are three or more people in the group. The closer your group to the maximum capacity of the villa, the lower the costs will be. Instead of paying for several hotel rooms during peak season, your group will be able to rent the entire villa and share all the costs. The price of the villa depends on various factors that include location, desirability, and the quality of the villa.




You and your family or friends will have better privacy and can enjoy more quality bonding during the trip. Plus, you will get extra space, the ability to cook your own food, have a private pool, and access to other recreational areas. Making trips to the grocery store and preparing own meals will help you save money during your trip.

While a Barcelona villa doesn’t offer the same services as a hotel, home services can be arranged with the owner. And instead of joining large groups of people, you will enjoy personalized services that cater to your specific needs. Villas often have a wide range of services and amenities that that will surely meet your expectations.

The best part about renting a Barcelona holiday villa is that it is easy to find one! Visit Catalunya Casas and search for the region’s best family villas.

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