Breakfast in Barcelona

While breakfast in many countries is largely based on savoury items, such as buttered toast, a bacon sandwich, or a bran-based cereal, things are a little different in Spain. In fact, Spanish breakfasts are an interesting mix of sweet and savoury, with offerings such as Spanish omelettes and sugar-coated churros. When you’re on holiday in Barcelona you’ll have a great opportunity to try out these yummy local foods.


What to Eat

Although Spain, France, and Italy are three very distinct countries, cultural influences naturally spill over, and this is especially true when it comes to breakfast. While charcuterie is believed to have originated in France and Italy, it is today a very important part of a Spanish breakfast or brunch. You’ll also notice a rise in the number of American-style breakfasts on offer across the city, with modern establishments making a name for themselves as great places for waffles, crepes, and eggs Benedict.

When to Eat

Don’t be tempted to leave your Barcelona villa too early in the morning. Many locals will have a quick breakfast at home before a ‘proper’ breakfast at around 10am. Lunch may not be until 3 or 4pm, with dinner happening from 9pm. If you’re tired from the night before, you’ll be pleased to know that a Spanish breakfast usually includes a strong café con leche!

Cafe con leche.

Where to Eat

If there’s one thing that Barcelona isn’t short of, it’s places to eat! There are lots of great breakfast and brunch places all across the city. However, don’t feel like you need to venture out for breakfast every morning during your Barcelona vacation. If you’ve booked a villa in Barcelona with a kitchen, you could always pop to the local market and pick up some fresh, local produce to whip up your own Spanish breakfast!

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