Popular Barcelona bike routes

Barcelona is a city filled with sights and scenes in which to marvel. Tourists who visit this incredible city have the opportunity to view various attractions from the seat of a bicycle, combining some cardio while enjoying the refreshing outdoor air.


The city center of Barcelona is a busy environment but the outskirts are much quieter and more peaceful. The fact that the city lies close to the beach makes its quite flat and, therefore, easy for bicyclists. For cyclists looking for a challenge, Barcelona bike tours that are organized further inland are ideal getaways from the city bustle. Below are some of the main Barcelona cycling routes tourists can take while on holiday in the city.


Penedes Wine Region


When choosing a cycling route, it is important for cyclists to consider the difficulty involved. One of the most popular routes for Barcelona bike tours takes cyclists through the infamous Penedes wine region, where the refreshing air and impressive landscapes are worth the energy. The route is challenging, especially the stretch to Sitges and uphill to Las Colinas. However, the journey back to Barcelona is a fast and technical descent. This route tends to be highly popular especially on the weekends. For avid cyclists, this is definitely one of the must-try cycle routes.






For cyclists looking to get closer to nature and experience a side of Barcelona that is rarely featured in popular guidebooks, Collserola Park offers some amazing cycling trails. As one of the popular routes for Barcelona bike tours, cyclists can expect to ride along trails surrounded by enchanting plant life. The trail also offers cyclists the opportunity to get different views of the city while cycling. This route is a road surface that runs 12.7 miles long and is definitely one of the best routes given the exposure to nature and amazing sights.




La Conreria-Sant Mateu-Cellecs


Other popular Barcelona bike routes take cyclists north of the city where they can experience varying terrain and face a tougher challenge. This route takes cyclists north of the city and then back again. The first stretch of the route is quite challenging but it eases up after taking cyclists to Villa Olimpica. Be on the lookout for some Tour de France athletes training around this area.


Total Barcelona


Tourists can also get a comprehensive view of the city by taking part in the Total Barcelona bike tours. This is definitely one of the most challenging but popular routes in the city. It takes cyclists through a variety of locations and is definitely not for the faint of heart. The route is 66 miles long and is mainly composed of a road surface.






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