Underground Barcelona

Have you ever stopped to think what might be lurking underneath your Barcelona villa? Soil, dirt, or how about a bomb shelter? If you make your way to Barcelona’s El Poble-Sec district, then you could have the chance to visit Refugi 307, an air raid shelter dating from the Spanish Civil War.

Refugi 307

Refugi 307 is made up of more than 400 metres of underground tunnel, with winding passageways measuring just 1.5 metres wide (this certainly isn’t a place for the claustrophobic!). It provides a completely different experience to what you get at your luxury vacation villa in Spain, offering a glimpse into what life was really like for those who spent time here during the war. During a tour of the shelter, you can even view the original toilets, the old drinking fountains, and the makeshift infirmary.

Believe it or not, there are between 1,000 and 2,000 air raid shelters nestled beneath the city, so what’s hiding under your Barcelona accommodation? Whatever it is, chances are it’s nowhere near as elaborate or fancy as Refugi 307. For while these series of tunnels may appear disheveled and unkempt, Refugi 307 was, at the time, actually considered to be one of the more privileged air raid shelters. Digging into the mountainside produced a reliable water source, something most did not have.

El Poble-Sec

Although many travellers opt for a more ‘Old Town’ location in Barcelona, it is worth checking out what El Poble-Sec has to offer. As a more modern district, boasting a central location, bustling streets, great nightlife, and spectacular views across Montjuïc, this is a place that’s not to be missed. The mountainous area itself tends to be a little cooler, and is ideal for picnics, making it an excellent choice for families.



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