Weird and wacky hidden attractions of Barcelona

Most people who visit Barcelona tend to stick to the “beaten path” by visiting the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the Gothic Quarter, and other Gaudi attractions. But if you have a thirst for the weird, wacky, and unusual, consider exploring some of the hidden attractions of Barcelona. Step out of your Barcelona holiday rental and get ready to discover the sides of the city that many miss.

The Calder Mercury Fountain

Almaden in Spain used to be home to the world’s largest mercury mine. It produced over 250,000 metric tons of quicksilver during its two millennia of operations. American sculptor Alexander Calder was commissioned to build a beautiful fountain dedicated to the mine, but instead of using flowing water it would pump out pure mercury. You can see the fountain he designed in the Fundacio Joan Miro in Barcelona. However, it sits behind glass as mercury is incredibly toxic and you have to be protected from breathing in the fumes or touching it!



The Chocolate Museum

On a much more delicious note, the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona was set up to tell the story of how chocolate first arrived in Spain in the form of cocoa beans from Central America. Guests to the museum receive a chocolate bar upon entry which you can munch on while you admire the chocolate sculptures of Minnie Mouse, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and Snowy, the white chocolate gorilla. Chocoholics – this museum is for you!

Labyrinth Park of Horta

This storybook hedge lies on the edge of the city in an ancient garden. There are 2,000 feet of hedges laid out with various twists and turns in which visitors can lose themselves. If you make it to the centre, there is a special sculpture waiting.



Museum of Hash, Marijuana and Hemp

Located in the Gothic Quarter is an unusual museum telling the story of the history of marijuana! The museum’s permanent collection contains around 8,000 objects from apothecary kits to the story of cannabis cultivation and legislative history.

If you fancy seeing a different wacky and wonderful side to Barcelona, these are a few of the best to get you started!


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