The Best Loved Cake Shops in Barcelona

We all love a delicious slice of chocolate gateaux or a decadent macaron but Spain isn’t often known for its cakes, preferring to lead the way with tapas, seafood and cava. However, unbeknownst to many, Barcelona is actually a cake haven…here are a few of the best pastelerias you can explore from your Barcelona accommodation.

La Patisseria Barcelona

Vibrant, decadent cakes and pastries are the order of the day at La Patisseria. From the refreshing Llimona tart to a thousand layers with chocolate (mil fulls xocolata) expect to be here a while… You can also take away cakes and pastries to dine on in the comfort of your family villa in Spain.

Bubo Degustacions

Bubo is a group of bakeries and pastelerias dotted throughout Barcelona city centre. You can pre-order for parties and special occasions or simply dine in. The variety of bombons, macarons, pastries, petit fours and cakes are incredible – you will be spoiled for choice. Sip on coffee, take a slice and stay a while.



Cosmo is a café and space for contemporary artwork in Barcelona. Their carrot cake and hot chocolate with whipped cream are firm favourites of the locals.




Hoffman Patisseria

Close to Santa Maria del Mar church in the El Born district sits the quirky Hoffman Patisseria. Take away all of your favourites from here including crunchy tiramisu, delicious brioche, chocolate and vanilla cookies, decadent black forest gateau and much more.


Forn Baluard

If you seek some of the best bread, pies and pastries in the city then this is the place to be. Try their sourdough or even their dark chocolate and strawberry flavoured bread!

Takashi Ochiai

For something a little different, how about trying some sweet Japanese treats in Barcelona? With a menu of exclusive and traditional creations you can sample such decadent delights as Yokan Bambu which is a combination of green tea, sugar and sweet red bean paste or pasta filo pastry with cream and cherry cream glaze!

Coffee and cake is as popular in Barcelona as it is in France or Switzerland, it’s just a case of finding the best place for you. Hopefully this list will help you find a perfect bakery or pasteleria close to your Barcelona holiday rental.


Easter in Ibiza

Easter in Ibiza is a great time to visit and stay in an Ibiza vacation rental. Generally it is a much more laid-back time than the summer months, perfect for recharging your batteries with a little post-winter sunshine.

Easter is a very important season for the Catholic church across all of Spain, and Ibiza is no exception. Many people choose to rent a villa in Ibiza near local towns as you are likely to see many parades taking place, and the streets are decorated with flowers and crosses.

One of the biggest events falls on Good Friday, where the cofradias, the people charged with looking after the statues, take part in a huge procession from the cathedral in Ibiza Town. The cofradias will dress in different coloured robes and wear a tall, cone shaped hood which is used to hide the suffering on their faces and signify their yearning to be closer to heaven.

This is an old-age tradition that has been virtually unchanged for centuries. The cofradias are accompanied by marching bands, church officials, large floats, and various other groups. Visiting some of the island’s towns at this time of year can be a bit strange as some hotels and bars will still be boarded up from the winter months and are not yet ready for the summer season. But if you travel away from the main holiday resorts and hot spots, there is still a huge range of things to see and do.

With an average temperature of 19-22 degrees Celsius, it is still warm enough for relaxing at the beach or at your villa with a pool in Ibiza with a glass of wine and good book.

Easter traditions in Catalonia

Easter in Catalonia is more than just a celebratory Sunday every spring. In this primarily Catholic region of Spain, the week leading up to Easter Sunday is know as ‘Semanta Santa’ (or ‘Holy Week’) and is full of events in preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The week in Barcelona is enjoyable for Christians and non-Christians alike as trees begin to bloom and the weather warms up. If you’re spending the holiday in Barcelona, consider making plans to witness one of the elaborate parades and processions throughout the region.


To satisfy your nagging sweet tooth, head to Barcelona’s Chocolate Museum to view some of the most elaborate chocolate sculptures on the planet. Guests will receive a free chocolate bar upon arrival to satiate any cravings that arise after viewing (and smelling) rooms full of chocolate.


Catalonian church
Catalonian church

Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the Sunday one week before Easter Sunday, and kicks off the beginning of Holy Week in the region. On this day, there are parades and processions all over the city of Barcelona and in other towns across Catalonia. At churches in Barcelona, priests will bless palm leaves and sometimes go outside the church to bless people who carry laurel branches. According to the Catalan saying, ‘Domingo de Ramos: al que no estrena se le caen las manos!’, or ‘Palm Sunday: If you don’t wear something new, your hands will fall off!’


Good Friday. The Friday before Easter weekend is known as Good Friday, a day when most businesses are closed. In Barcelona, parades take place in Raval and in the the Gothic Quarter.


Catalonia cathedral
Catalonia cathedral

Easter Sunday. Most restaurants and shops close, and throngs head to Barcelona Cathedral where most of the action takes place. Parades feature floats of the Virgin Mary and other biblical figures, large Easter candles, and replicas of the cross.


Easter Monday. The day after Easter is a day of rest when Catalonians enjoy their famous Easter cakes called monas. During the 40 days leading up to Easter, a period known as ‘Lent’, Catalonians abstain from meat and eggs, so on Easter, families enjoy preparing and eating their desirable cakes. If you’re not much of a baker, pastry shops all over Barcelona sell their own versions of monas.


Easter is just a few weeks away, but it’s not too late to reserve you vacation villa! Visit our website and book your villa today!

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