Catalonia’s Green Spaces: La Devesa Park

Catalonia benefits from having numerous green spaces, which make the region the ideal holiday spot for families, as well as for those who really value spending time outdoors. While there’s plenty of green spaces to spend time, there is one which really stands out from the crowd: Girona’s La Devesa Park.

Spanning more than 40 hectares, and with more than 2600 plane trees (many of which date back to the 1850’s), La Devesa Park is the biggest urban park in Catalonia, and one of the region’s largest green spaces. It’s similar to Manhattan’s Central Park, offering quiet seclusion in the heart of the city.

When to Visit

Although there’s never a bad day to visit the park, the area really comes to life on Tuesdays and Saturdays when there’s a large, lively fruit and veg market. If you’re staying in a villa in Spain that has a kitchen that you can use, this market is great or picking up some fresh, local produce to cook with.

Attractions & Activities

You’ll find peaceful picnic spots, busy, on-the-go sports areas, and everything in between here. Be sure to spend some time admiring the streams and fountains and, if you’re staying in a family villa in Spain with the kids you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a child’s play area here to keep them active! It’s also worth walking around the French-style gardens which have local varieties, as well as more exotic plants.

Getting There

The only downside to La Devesa Park is access. If you’re staying in Barcelona accommodation and are taking the train into Girona, the park is a 25 minute walk from the station, which can be challenging for older people and those with lesser mobility. The good news, however, is that it is possible to take public transport. Both the L6 and L11 buses make stops quite close to the park, which is very convenient.

Experience Girona through the art of photography!

Girona, is a city and Spanish municipality, capital of the homonymous province and the region of Gironés, in the autonomous community of Catalonia.

River Oniar, Girona

River Oniar, Girona

La Devesa Park, Girona

Old town, Girona (Barri Vell)

Old town, Girona (Barri Vell)

Old town, Girona (Barri Vell)

Old town, Girona (Barri Vell)

Photographer : Elina Aktipi

Copyright © July 18. All rights received.

Don’t miss the best of Girona, Spain

A number of fascinating events took place in Spain in the year 1492: Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain to discover the Americas, the Moors were overthrown in their ruling of Granada and many forced to convert to Christianity, and until 1492 Girona was home to Catalonia’s second most important Jewish community, which encompassed one of the most vibrant Jewish quarters in Spain. Take a trip from your Catalonia villa rental and explore one of the most overlooked cities in Spain and discover its treasures for yourself.




Historic Museum of the Jews

There are many remnants of the Jewish heritage today which can be found in the Historical Museum of the Jews in Girona, this shows the persecution of a race as they were almost forced out of Spain, it also documents the life and rituals of the ancient community in addition to Girona’s contribution to medieval medicine and astronomy.

Girona Cathedral

The splendid architecture of Girona Cathedral alone is worth taking time away from your Spain holiday rental to visit. It is flanked by an intricately designed Baroque façade, however, the Cathedral is in fact more ancient. It was built over parts of the old Roman Forum and parts of the structure date as far back as the 5th century. There is a wonderful Romanesque cloister which transports the visitor back to the 12th century, the entire Cathedral is a masterpiece and very interesting to explore. Don’t miss out on viewing the silver altarpiece covered with vibrant gemstones portraying the life of Christ, and the Tapestry of the Creation.



Museum of Art

Close to the Cathedral and the Jewish Heritage museum is the Museum of Art. Here, day trippers or visitors will find over 8500 works of art, mainly deriving from this area of Catalonia. They range from spectacular stained glass tables to the sculptures of Rafael Masó i Valentí.

Museum of Cinema

For lovers of the silver screen, visitors to Girona must take a trip to the Museum of Cinema. It tells the story of why humans wish to indulge their imagination, as well as a tour of how the Camera Obscura was invented, you can view a myriad of optical illusions using masterful trickery and light.

In addition to the above attractions, Arabic Baths, contemporary pintxo bars and restaurants and the beautiful 11th century Romanesque Benedictine Monastery are well worth taking time out of your Costa Brava vacation rental to see while visiting the city of Girona.

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