3 Must-See Monuments and Statues in Barcelona

So, you rented a beautiful villa in Barcelona. Now what? Well, you’re going to want to explore this amazing city! And here are 3 monuments and statues that you won’t want to miss.

Casa Batllo

The exterior of Casa Batllo reminds one of candy castles and Dr. Seuss. It is an exceptional work of Modernism art and will draw your attention all on its own. But the interior holds even more surprises. Expect to find beautiful architectural details from Antoni Gaudí and go on a tour you will never forget. From the attic and chimneys to the noble floor that was the residence of the Batllo family, each room is a piece of art and history mixed with a touch of magic.

La Pedrera

This amazing stone quarry is not what you would expect. La Pedrera was so-named because its façade resembles an open quarry. It was built by Antoni Gaudí and is now the headquarters of Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation.

During the day, when you visit this beautiful site, you’ll learn more about Antoni Gaudí and will go through the entire museum, discovering amazing and beautiful works of art that just can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. You even get to see what life was like in the early 20th century.

But don’t miss out on the spectacular night-time experience either, called “Gaudí’s Pedrera: The Origins.” The museum’s beautiful architecture comes to life in a way that is almost magical through a magnificent audiovisual show that you won’t want to miss.

Park de la Ciutadella

The Park de la Ciutadella is one of the largest and most beautiful parks to be found in Barcelona. As you move around the park you can see so many amazing sites that a walk through and around the park is essential to any stay in Barcelona. You’ll glimpse Old Town, Vila Olimpia, Marcat del Born, and the two gates of Passes de Picasso and you’ll want to check out the stunning Arc de Triomf. You’ll see the Museo de Ciensies Naturals de Barcelona, the Hivernacle conservatories, and the gorgeous fountain Cascada.

There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona and even much more to see but you’ll have to discover it all for yourself as you wander through the lush foliage. 

When you are done exploring, return to your gorgeous holiday rental in Spain for a nice, long siesta.


Why should I visit Andorra?

It may be a little further afield for those renting a villa with private pool on the Costa Brava, yet it’s still a popular day trip destination. Many excursions run to this tiny country lodged between France and Spain, in the summer months the flora and fauna is amazing and during winter months it has some of the Pyrenees best ski slopes. So why would you make the 2.5 – 3-hour trip from the coast?

Here are a few reasons:

Firstly, Andorra has a rich and interesting history, legend has it that Charles the Great granted the people of Andorra a charter if they fought against the Moors. The small country previously had a joint allegiance with both Spain and France, in fact during the Spanish Civil war the French troops rallied to protect Andorra. During the second world war the country became a smuggling route from France into Spain, so it’s had its fair share of excitement over the years. These days the predominant language spoken is Catalan (although there is still some French and Castellano Spanish), the country is part of the United Nations and to this day remains independent.

The capital city Andorra La Vella is nestled high in the Pyrenees and enjoys spectacular mountain views all around. The surrounding lush, green country parks and walks are beautiful and in the city there are incredible examples of Andorran Romanesque art and architecture.

There are a variety of mountain sports to enjoy which are suitable for all the family, the two ski resorts have a Nordic ski centre and plenty of alpine ski activities, there is also a special area for children called Naturlandia. Just outside Andorra La Vella is the perfect location for rock climbing with many areas surrounding the city. Dense forests are filled with canyoning adventures and zip wiring and on the main roads cyclists are out in force especially during the spring and summer months.

For Golfers the Soldeu course ascends to 2250 metres of altitude, access is gained via an 8-person gondola, the journey offers unsurpassed panoramas even before you begin to play the course!

In the city itself architecture is typical of a Pyrenean town, grey slate and alpine stone is used to create chapels, towers, bridges and fortifications typical of the area. Visitors will see ancient traditions blend with contemporary lifestyle as they wander the streets. The old stone houses on the outskirts of the city contrast with modern shopping centres and edgy steel sculptures in Andorra la Vella. The shops offer the latest fashions and technologies at reasonable prices which are ideal for a gift to take home.

If you plan on renting your Spain holiday rental for a while and you have access to a car during your stay, take a drive to Andorra, its unique traditions and fascinating culture make for an interesting visit.

Tips for renting a car in Spain

During a holiday in Spain, it is common to be curious about the best way of get around the region. The answer may vary depending on the specific area that travelers are visiting. Getting from a vacation villa in Barcelona to the city’s top sights and attractions is generally very easy using public transport as many parts of Catalonia benefit from excellent rail links and bus routes. However, for those planning to visit some of the more quiet and isolated parts of the country, a car may be the best choice.



If you’re looking for the fastest and most convenient way to get from your villa in Barcelona to a Costa Dorada holiday rental, then here’s everything you need to know about hiring a car in Spain.

Age: While the minimum driving age in Spain is 18, you’ll need to be a little older to rent a car. Most Spanish rental agencies set their minimum age limit at either 21 or 22, although others may restrict rentals to those who are 25 years old or older. In most cases, renters under age 25 will need to pay an additional ‘young driver fee’, which usually amounts to around 20 EUR per day.

License: Whether you rent from a location in Barcelona or somewhere else in Spain, you will need to present a valid driving license from your home country. Although an International Driving License is not a legal requirement if you have a license from an EU country, it is still recommended as it can make things easier if you require assistance during the rental period.

Locations: Although most rental cars can be driven across European borders without hassle, it’s worth double checking with your rental agency if you plan to cross over the French Pyrenees or visit Andorra. If you do decide to visit more places in Europe during your trip, beware that you may be charged extra if you return your car to a different country.

Driving in Spain

The good news is that driving in Spain is actually very simple. Although things can be a little hectic if you rent a car from a central location in Barcelona, driving Barcelona’s roads is not particularly stressful. In Spain, they drive on the right, which is simple for Americans but a little trickier for Brits! Remember that speed limits are posted in km/h, rather than m/h, and that standard speed limits are 50km/h for urban areas, 90km/h for rural areas, and 120km/h when driving on Spanish motorways.










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